Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 2014 Update

The Lab's Christmas tree for the 12 days of Christmas is very small - only about 7-inches high. It's fully decorated with Christmas ornaments separately purchased. Many of the individual components were received as holiday gifts. There's a set of battery operated working colored lights on the tree and a flashing lights Santa nativity set. Tiny box gifts actually fit under the tree. it sets on the Lab's mantel top.
The new year has three major projects ongoing - 1) the Robot Explorer designed to explore new worlds, 2) the Brain Cortex in a Jar designed to transfer a small part of a human brain into the machine brain for greater longevity, and 3) the FM transmitter and radio station. Side projects include sending a man into space, developing humanoids and humanoid brains, advancing the deep space program with the new telescopes invented, and continuing to upgrade the Lab capabilities and facilities. Other projects include developing satellites, a new kind of flyable rocket ship design, and a possible major expansion of the current laboratory. There's also a push to develop custom test equipment and finish the radio station as it may be used as a wireless device for the brain in a jar.