Sunday, April 20, 2014

Configuring SpaceOne Time Travel Machine

A SpaceOne rocket traveling to the edge of space, with space tourists, can now undergo time travel with the new RTM or Referential Time Machine. Photo provided by Near Space Technologies during a manned space flight.
In the previous blog, we described a new invention spinoff technology for altering time and traveling through a referential time, for those individuals traveling on board SpaceOne's latest "Safety Rocket." This new technology is being "quantized" into a very convenient time machine package that can safely go through the mail postal service for shipping to individuals who wish to experience the effects and benefits of time travel on a first hand basis.

Slowing down time and time traveling is designed to increase the duration of short term rocket flights so that space tourists can experience more durable time during one trip.

In a new continuing series of blogs, we will begin to define the function and operation of the RTM or Referential Time Machine. The first point is the configuration of the black box time machine. The machine is now designed as a function interface that can transform referential time from one reference plane to another. 

Now added to the RTM is a method to "dial in" the time for which one wants to dilate to. This is completely safe and scalable from one time referential plane to another time plane.

Time travel is very interesting and intriguing, and generally involves travel through time from the past to the future. In the Einstein equation, moving clocks at relativity speeds faster than one tenth the speed of light will have internal clocks that slow down, relative to the point of departure, such as Earth. This enables time travel into the future.

The case for the RTM is different. If time is considered a liquid that can flow, the RTM allows one to tune the time machine to a different rate of flow. The flow rate can speed up, slow down or remain completely and indefinitely (for the life of the machine) suspended in time. SpaceOne is interested primarily in slowing down time, within a traveling space rocket, in a space time dilation effect.

The RTM also modifies time, slows down time, and allows the time traveler to travel through time at a selectable time rate. As an oddity to the system equation mathematics, a person could become suspended in time.

We have determined, in real life, time suspension could be achieved, but we have no current practical application in SpaceOne's space program for suspending a person in time. In the future, time suspension may be used to garner spot instantaneous views of space, and take singular time readings of instruments and parameters.

The new equation of time travel is more simple than the Einstein version. RT is Referential Time, TR is the Time Rate and R is Time Travel Rate Multiplier. For example, if your referential time is 5 seconds duration, and your time travel rate is 100 times normal referential time, your time travel becomes fully time dilated to a total of 500 seconds or 8.3 minutes.

TT = (5 seconds)(100X)
TT = 8.3 minutes

Spaceone Referential Time Travel Invention