Sunday, April 20, 2014

Elements of SpaceOne Time Travel Machine

What are the time travel elements of SpaceOne's new Referential Time Travel Machine? Traveling through time involves what conditions, special effects and parameters?

The RTM can slow down, speed up, or suspend time. In the diagram, the time machine can switch the positions from right to left and left to right, to reverse the flow of time.

Here is a list of factors to be concerned about when undergoing time travel with the new RTM Referential Time Machine.

1) Time Factor
2) Distance
3) Rate of Time Progression
4) Optical Appearances
5) Oscillatory Vibration
6) Sound Resonance
7) G Force

We have found several remarkable effects and time manipulations when setting the time machine to dilate or expand time. The machine can change the flow of time from forwards, increasing the speed of time progression, to backwards, slowing down the progression of time.

Also remarkable is that a human can be suspended completely stationary in the flow of time. The suspension is real, and all time will stand still, like an unmoving snapshot in time.

Outside of the RTM machine dominion, or outside dominion time, events will occur normally with normal space time.

Let's examine each of the factors of time travel with the RTM.

1) The time factor sets the rate of flow of time, and can be increased or decreased to speed up or slow down time. At the mid time position, time will stand still and a snapshot of time occurs.

2) Distance is generally altered by time dilation resulting in an increase of distance based on unit time. Without the unit time, the distance would remain the same. It is time that is altering distance.

3) The rate of time progress is currently a preset with the machine. It is possible to induce a differential equation to modify time during a time event. The rate can be varied from positive time to negative and to completely stop the machine's rate of time.

4) Optical appearances are effected. A camera video at 30 FPS will end up stop framed in time dilation. In summary, the vision of time travel can also slow down with dilation.

5) Powerful rockets can create powerful vibrations that can be harmful to biological entities. Vibrations can be reduced to a potentially safe level during rocket flights using time dilation with the Referential Time Machine.

6) The sound inside a rocket can reach into the unsafe ultrasound region of frequency and subject astronauts to limits exceeding human safety standards. However, sound is also altered with time dilation. The wavefront of sound emissions is elongated by a distance proportional to the rate of time dilation and can thus atone sound intensity and frequencies into safe zones.

7) Very important to rocket occupants is the total number of Gs experienced. Too many Gs are harmful to humans. The RTM can reduce the number of Gs by dilating time. This is good news for human occupants boarding rockets for space flights. (The large G Forces also undergo dilation the same as time. This means a G Force intolerable to humans, say 100 Gs, could be reduced to a safe 1 G when dilating time by a factor of 100.)