Friday, April 18, 2014

Spaceone Referential Time Travel Invention


Rocket Time Travel - Space Time Dilation
"Moving Clocks Run Slow"

This time traveling rocket will shift in time from blue to red, thus creating referential time dilation

In high powered flight, rockets can achieve apogee in only a few seconds and the flight is over very quickly. This does not allow much time to do anything, within say about 2 or 5 seconds. This invention uses a way to slow down referential time in the rocket, and then allow more space activities to be accomplished.

The time machine invention will slow down time by amplifying or multiplying the time by a factor of 2X, 5X, 10X or possibly greater, i,e. 100X. So a flight lasting 5 seconds is time dilated referentially and becomes a flight of 50 seconds at 10X.

This allows much more time for a human to enjoy the flight. At 100X, the flight could last 500 seconds or 8 minutes. The 8 minutes would allow a space tourist more time to enjoy the rocket space flight.

Typically, in a hobby time machine, the extreme forces of the harmonic gravitometric field generator would cause too much physical stress on a biological entity. The solution is to create a human shield force field for protection.

One time machine design uses a very large gravitometric field generator to dilate time by juxtaposition to a gravity well. It could also be possible to generate a small black hole, and control its size for time travel into the future. It is believed possible, currently, to do this with a special configuration of the new HADRON Atomic Particle Super Collider.

Time flows in the forward direction, and one definition of time is that it's merely the passage of events. But time is much more. Generally we cannot go into the past, however, there is a way to do it. Of course, it uses a special event time, for one time shot at experiencing just one event in the past.

Referential time is a new invention by Humanoido. The design for the RTM or Referential Time Machine works on paper. Next, a working model will be constructed and the actual machine mounted inside the rocket, and tests will take place in space.

The rocket's referential time is shifted from longer blue wavelength time towards the longer red wavelength time.