Thursday, May 15, 2014

Space1 Update 2014


MAY 2014
Space1 has come a long way since it debuted in January of this year. 

The space tourist program has just completed a new rocket design which is the lightest thus far, enabling 8 astronauts for each level in the space capsule. With up to 3 levels, this rocket can launch up to 24 astronauts with a heavy lift motor.

Several very significant spinoffs have resulted, in particular, the RTM Referential Time Machine. It was discovered this machine can alter rocket time flow in three ways, slow down, speed up, or stop. Rocket scientists are currently studying applications for stopping time.

The next new tri annual addition of Space1 magazine is in the works. Issue #1 is completed. These each cover 4 months of time. The first is January through April and issue 2 will cover May through August.