Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alien Life Postcard

No longer can we hide as Earth's Pollution Signature Flags Our Location

Some time ago, we wrote about the Earth sending out calling cards into the vast interstellar space for aliens to read and learn our location to pay us a visit or engage in communications. We surmised, based on our highly intelligent yet immensely mean and sarcastic "friends" on the forums, that highly intelligent aliens might fit the same profiles and develop a culinary taste for Earthlings. In this case, our calling postcards suddenly became food menu invitations to a new restaurant location named Earth, and we are the food on the menu (see the plaque from Pioneer 10 illustrated above)!

Read about the Don't Eat Us Safety Program.

"Speaking on behalf of the BIG Brain Initiative, Humanoido describes the "Don't Eat Us" Radio Telescope safety program, where, you contact us, we don't contact you. As part of the The Asian Arena International Taiwan Radio Open Sky-faced Balcony Observatory Laboratory 57, this incognito search initiative employs a radio receiver that collects evidence in the search for intelligent life in the universe but does not transmit or give out our coordinates."

Now we find that it's impossible for us to hide, even if we stop sending out calling cards, because we billow out trillions of unnatural chemical toxins from our man made pollution which is highly visible.

— As great polluters of planet Earth, we are advertising our stupidity for the universe to see —

These man-made poisonous toxins are readily identifiable as "not indigenous" to the natural formation of our planet. In fact, an alien with a big telescope looking at the Earth can find us, based on the Earth's massive pollution signature.

It's time to stop polluting the Earth or the consequences of such actions may be significantly horrendous in more ways than one.