Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Space1 First Year of Operation


January 1st, 2015 marks the first full year of Space1 operations. Space1 was founded and began January 1st, 2014.

Partial Space1 accomplishments in the first year are listed below.

Opening the doors to the future is paramount at Space1

    • Established the first rocket lab in Taiwan
    • Established international operations in Taiwan, USA, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore
    • Established the second rocket lab in Taiwan
    • Established a space aeronautical lab in Taiwan
    • Established a staff of 5
    • Established functions of President, Founder, CEO, Rocket Scientist, Aeronautical Engineer, American SpacePort Director, Investor, Chief Korean Scientist, Korean Conceptual Design Director, Wisdom Lab Chief of Operations, Taiwan Master of R&D, Taiwan Master SpacePort Engineer
    • Established a Telemetry Division
    • Established the Avionics Division
    • Established a rocket computer lab 1
    • Established a rocket computer lab 2
    • Established a Cybernetics Lab
    • Established a Wisdom Lab in South Korea
    • Established a book of guidelines and operations
    • Established methods and results of slower velocities
    • Established an Electronics Lab
    • Established 2D to 3D Era
    • Established Space1 Era 
    • Founded a spaceport in Taiwan
    • Founded a spaceport in the USA
    • Founded SpaceOne
    •  Merged 14 space companies with Space1 for instant resources
    • Invented the world's first safety rocket
    • Invented wrap around instrumentation
    • Invented the NC Rocket Launcher
    • Invented Rocket fin arrangement guide
    • Invented the Referential Time Machine RTM
    • Invented The Space Machine
    • Invented the Komputer
    • Invented KOSMOS software
    • Invented the Atomic G-Force Absorber
    • Invented the Multi-D
    • Designed Space1 Magazine
    • Began designing a rocket plane
    • Designed Self supporting split fin
    • Designed Launch Towers
    • Designed and completed 15 rockets 
    • Launch site determination study
    • Rocket size study
    • Outpost in space study
    • Space Station Study
    • Recovery methods study
    • A study of slow rocket advantages
    • Opening the doors to the future study
    • Rocket launch vs Spaceport size study
    • Rocket nose cone drag study
    • Completed the power study of rocketry
    • Completed the comprehensive robotics study
    • Lower altitude study
    • Referential Time Travel study
    • Longer flight study
    • A study of station fuel
    • A study to keep space and earth environmentally green
    • A study of rocket flight time
    • A study of rocket weight
    • A study of rocket size
    • A study of fins to reduce weather cocking
    • A study of swept back fins
    • A study of the lucky 7 tube fin results
    • A study of rocket flight computers
    • A study of fins vs rocket stability
    • A Study of Rocket weight vs motor size
    • Studied and Defined Motions of a rocket
    • Completed the prime rocket motor study
    • A study of Centering Rings
    • A study of Objects Existing in or Traveling Through the Troposphere
    • Study of robotics in rocketry
    • A study of Tube Fin SIMs
    • A study of Removable Fin Assembly Sleeve
    • Developed temp space
    • Developed temp space ownership
    • Developed a rocket interface
    • Developed space real estate plots
    • Developed sensor systems 
    • Developed a disposable rocket shell casing
    • Developed the space black box 
    • Developed spacecraft booms for imaging
    • Developed safe space
    • Developed the weightlessness extension method
    • Developed extending rocket flight duration on short term missions
    • Developed Anti-break Fin Design
    • Developed the Massive Space Time Arc
    • Developed rocket constructing techniques
    • Developed the rocket rangefinder
    • Developed two Two-Engine Space Places
    • Developed two Four-Engine Nano Space Places  
    • Developed one Four-Engine Mid-Size Space Place
    • Developed one Six-Engine Large Space Place
    • Recorded the story of Space1
    • Developed the inflatables concept 
    • Developed methods of space tourism
    • Developed the Intl Enterprise Rocket
    • Developed the DIA Rocket
    • Developed the Zeus Rocket
    • Developed the Argus Rocket
    • Developed the Zeus-Argus Rocket
    • Developed the M1 Heavy Lift Rocket
    • Developed the M1 Hybrid Rocket
    • Developed the M2 Rocket
    • Developed the B1 First Generation Rocket
    • Developed the B1 Blaster 2nd Generation Rocket
    • Developed the B1 Master Blaster MB 3rd Generation Rocket
    • Developed the Singularity 1 Rocket
    • Developed the Singularity 2 Rocket
    • Developed the Singularity 3 Rocket
    • Developed the Milestone Rocket 
    • Developed the Aerospace Station
    • Developed flight operations and flying patterns
    • Developed the first FPV system
    • Developed long range tracking
    • Developed a tracking station
    • Worked on the small rocket stabilizing system
    • Developed Search and Find
    • Developed the Grappler Mission
    • Developed the Aerospace Rocket Sub
    • Developed Sub Sats
    • Began developing space planes
    • Developed greater mass lifting
    • Developed the curtain in flight drift
    • Developed reusable methods
    • Developed a steerable parachute
    • Developed the space glider
    • Developed alternative rocket lift vehicle
    • Developed the satellite rocket
    • Developed the no thrust ring for rocket motors
    • Developed rocket windows
    • Development of flight package
    • Development of the rocket flight computer
    • Developed rocket altitude measuring from a photo
    • Developed PET fins
    • Developed Tube fins
    • Developed concepts in lower altitude 
    • Developed Space rocket lists
    • Developed Rocketeer Science Notepad
    • Developed methods to increase rocket strength
    • Developed a Passive Vortex Chamber Rocket Design
    • Developed a system of Perk Ideas
    • Developed a system to Lower cost of programs and materials 
    • Created interior space rocket designs
    • Created conceptual drop satellites
    • Created the space arc
    • Created a founding company overview PDF 
    • Created numerous inventions (i.e. KOSMOS, Komputer, Space Machine, Atomic G-Force Absorber, Referential Time Machine, Multi-D)
    • Created a rocket design program
    • Created Space1 email
    • Created Space1 logo
    • Created Space1 blogs
    • Created high technology space flight
    • Created a vision for the future of Space1
    • Created Rocket tips 
    • Created Parachute calculations 
    • Created Space1 Odyssey Adventure Program 
    • Worked to prevent recovery drifT
    • Worked on suborbital space stations
    • Worked on the ground pilot
    • Acquired a rocket lab inventory
    • Obtained rocket casings and rocket parts
    • Purchased CAD design programs
    • Held meetings in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York
    • Materials Testing
    • Initiated and completed many rocket tests
    • Published a year's worth of Space1 Magazine issues
    • Completed Lab bulletins
    • Completed a Newsletter
    • Generated evolutionary letters
    • Created the company Charter
    • Created Space1 Manual
    • Completed SpaceOne Issue One
    • Completed Space1 Issue Two
    • Completed Space1 Issue 3
    • Developed a list of Objects Existing in or Traveling Through the Troposphere
    • List of rocket motors
    • List of thrust versus motor
    • List of rocket motor performance curves
    • Initiated the High Rise Skyscraper Mission
    • Deep into Tropospheric Space Mission
    • Selected prime rocket motors for rocket flights 
    The list is truncated due to excessive content. It gives a general idea of numerous things happening at Space1 during the first year 2014.


    The above descriptions and categories of Space1 accomplishments during the first year of operations do not include sensitive material, secret missions or developments, confidential ideas, numerous nondisclosure inventions, and other situations of a non-released  and classified stature.