Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Space1 Milestone Safety Rocket

Rocket Space Tourism

Space1 has invented the Milestone Safety Rocket, a compendium of all the best rocket features from the results of all the previous rockets.

The MSR is the 15th rocket developed by Space1 and is an ALV Astronaut Launch Vehicle designed to loft an astronaut into space tourism domain for tourism space flight, and return the astronaut safely to the Earth after the mission is completed. The MSR is the first new rocket of 2015 and the fifteenth designed safety rocket.

MSR is designed to function with the new Multi-D, the supporting Space Station, and have the potential to loft a space plane return vehicle under glider control. Key features include an equipment package, on-board flight computer, sensor array, internal and external flight recorders, a luxurious cabin space capsule interior with picture windows, and stowage.

MSR includes a special designed atomic platform that sub-recoils to subdue maximum G force during the flight. The Atomic G-Force Absorber invention, AGA, has multiple implements depending on the type of mission.

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