Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Space1 Singapore Spaceport

PHOTO: Lin Zilin 林紫琳 
sent Space1 Headquarters
in Taiwan, this aerial
image taken from about
35,000 feet altitude showing
atmospheric delineations. The
image is edited to show
unobstructed space.

An area of land is located for a potential rocket launch site. A study and investigation is progressing to determine if this site is suitable for rocket launches.

Lin Zilin 林紫琳 provides a Space1 update regarding the selection of a site for a Space1 Singapore Spaceport. The first level of research is successfully completed and the project now moves into the second phase of determinations.

Space1 spaceports already exist in the USA, Taiwan and South Korea. Space1 has a goal of bringing space tourism to the world through peaceful and safe rocket launches, with Space1's invention, the safety rocket and high technology.