Monday, January 12, 2015

Space1 South Korea Rocket SpacePort

South Korea Map: location of rocket spaceport

Seoul districts South Korea
This weekend (Saturday and Sunday January 10th and 11th, 2015), a new rocket spaceport was established in South Korea, for peaceful space tourism and safe, scientific exploration of space.

The Space1 Rocket SpacePort is founded by Dara 지혜, 한국어 지혜 연구소 hangug-eo jihye yeonguso, of Space1's Korean Wisdom Lab. Dara is the Chief Korean Scientist, the Korean Conceptual Design Director and the Chief of Operations of the Wisdom Lab and SpacePort.

Seoul - is it too crowded for a spaceport?
— Space1 is a peaceful spacefaring company developing the safety rocket for space tourism, so anyone regardless of status can go into space

For weeks, Dara and CEO/Founder of Space1 hammered out details of an exciting new space rocket launching port for space tourism, a spaceport, as a place to shoot off and fire Space1's rockets, lofting humans into space and making a new presence within the Asian arena, the side of the world near Japan, see map. The new Rocket SpacePort in South Korea is the third rocket spaceport opened by Space1 with an expansion internationally for space tourism. It's preceded by two other spaceports, one in the USA and one in Taiwan.

The Korean SpacePort is very convenient. As envisioned, an international traveler can fly in to the Korean International Airport, take the Airport Shuttle, taxi to their short term space apartment, check in, have breakfast, rest, take equipment and proceed to the designated launch area by Subway Train. Once arrived, they perform the necessary setup and equipment calibrations, and the countdown will begin to rocket into space. After experiencing space flight and the marvels of space tourism, the astronaut will undergo a rest period at the space apartment and return home.

The exact location of all spaceports cannot be revealed at this time for security reasons. Business negotiations are underway to open additional international spaceports in 2015. For more information, contact Space1 Headquarters.