Sunday, February 1, 2015

Space1 - Model Space Program Part 1

INTRODUCTION: Space1, the startup space tourism venture is introducing a MODEL SPACE PROGRAM for everyone with a passion for space and interested in modeling their own space program.

This is a real space program, with real flying model rockets at a small scale. The program uses modeling crafts and art to recreate functional models of rockets that can loft payloads and science equipment using small scale rocket engines.

The project is operated at the hobby level for fun, at the educational level for learning, and/or at the school level for science projects and credits. It can serve as an elective in scouting and 4H, and open up new doors of science and understanding.

We as a human civilization are just beginning to break the bonds of familiar gravity and move outward, upward into the vast realm of solar system space. As a species, to survive and continue the human race, it is inevitable that we begin to step up our move ever outward into the cosmos. As more people get on board with the program, the excitement of founding a new path to the stars and beyond will be inevitable.

The suggested kit of parts and materials includes a rocket, engine, finishing supplies, launcher system and tutorial manual of assembly and exciting projects. For more information, contact Space1.