Sunday, February 1, 2015

Space1 Living Rocket Invention

Thinking machines are frightening to some people
It was a series of evolutionary Space1 steps with the implantation of small and minuscule modular machine thinking life form nodes into rockets. As these nodes were spatially integrated and intellectually distributed, they evolved to become a connective part of a new type of rocket, making the rocket a living rocket, a living life form.
Astronaut safety

It's the contents of the rocket that give it life, bringing it to a cognitive thinking status, bred with a purpose in life, to protect its cargo and occupants.

Living Rockets have special designs with special materials for light weight and integration into the parts of the rocket itself.

The nosecone becomes intelligent, and the walls of the rocket have purpose, while the capsule and cockpit can think and command, the fins have power energy distribution to the though processes, where the instruments are for talking to command, control, and communicate, the C3 system initiated by Space1's space program.

"the goal is to lessen the distance between imagination and what you can accomplish" -- Humanoido

Saving the lives of space scientists
Living Rockets are a very serious addition to space exploration and the development of space program. If the world had living space safety rockets from the beginning of the space program, the lives of all the people shown in the illustration could be spared. You are number 7 highlighted.