Friday, April 17, 2015

Space1 Tourism & Black Hole Eggs

Late at night, Humanoido was proofing another 20 pages and completing the range formatting in his latest tech book about power telescopes and extreme machines. Suddenly the section about the strange giant black hole space eggs discovered with the M3T telescope came up.
WHAT IF one of these powerful telescopes could be interfaced in some way with Space1's rocket fleet, and be incorporated with space tourism? Space1 is examining ways to make a trip to a black hole space egg a unique reality. The idea is to connect the power telescope's front end Boiler Plate with the rocket's systems.

The discovery of black hole eggs results from power telescopes and is very interesting. There are 15 power telescopes and each of these have some special attribute. The ET is the Extrapolation Telescope that can use observational data and go into the future for a look.

A massive space egg was discovered with the M3T Massive Molecular Mining Telescope. Based on examination of the vitae and nucleus, it appears that something will hatch from it. It's very weird because this is a space time object located at the orifice of a black hole and has all the parts of a chicken egg while being incubated by temporal energy from the black hole's immense gravitational effects. The ET Extrapolation Telescope is focused to try and determine what will happen in the future and what might hatch from the egg.

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Space1 Tourism & Black Hole Eggs
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