Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lab Update May 10th 2015

United Humanoido Laboratories UHL and Space1 Tourism have a lot going on in the month of May. Fewer and fewer blogs resulted as massively large projects are under way, being developed and were completed.

The big key is a massive move to the USA as many projects are opened up and awaiting completion.

Space1 Giant Technology Move to USA

Another big push was finishing the power telescopes and extreme machines book. The book and the machines are the culmination of three years work.

Power Telescopes & Extreme Machines Book

The data is collected and archived for the setup of Space1 in the USA. Long range plans include the launch of our first space tourist inside the safety rocket.

Machine experimentation, testing, and deployment is slated for 2015, including the new time machine. The time machine is capable of slowing down referential time from the rocket resulting in a longer duration space flight for a more satisfying space tourism adventure.