Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Space1 Booster Rocket

Space1 met with its supplier of rocket engines to purchase a rocket booster which was spotted the last time we were there. 

We planned to buy two styles of boosters that were custom designed to fit the two styles of our rockets and we planned to purchase at a later time. We were shocked to find the booster was sold to our competition! 

Does this mean our competition has stolen the plans to our rocket? Far greater security will be installed at our space complex asap.

PHOTO: Does the booster used by Space1 resemble NASA's SRB Solid Rocket Booster? Yes and no. Our SRB is similar in dry powder design except it's built without the problematic ORINGS.

Space1's solid rocket booster is similar to NASA's except Space1 does not use rubber o-rings.

Good news is the largest booster (2 of 2) was still available there, at full price, and it will fit our largest rocket.

The massive booster will enable a longer burn time, a greater acceleration span, and an initial penetration to maximum troposphere resulting in the highest height achievable of any Space1 rocket.

The surprise is there is no demo this time and we must assemble the entire rocket booster piece by piece.

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