Friday, July 31, 2015

Space1 Ejectables Fly Like Rocket Iron Man

Space1 is developing the concept of space Ejectables: an astronaut occupant that can eject from the rocket or space plane during flight at a nominal time for safe reentry back to the earth, taking in all the exciting experiences.

Ejection would happen at a point in the troposphere negating any significant frictional heat effects and at a time near the end of the journey a parachute would open, creating a type of sky diving space touring experience.

The key to such a journey is the suit containing the necessary elements for a safe escapade, a parachute, tracking gear, protection against the elements including wayward birds, and a viewport. Ejectables can include various items, like gliders, space planes, scientific payloads, material bundles, temp satellites, probes, and of course iron men.

Ejectables are an optional way for an added sky diving type thrill to an already exciting journey in space. 

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