Friday, July 31, 2015

Space1 Iron Man Rocket

PHOTO: the Space1 Iron Man Rocket test
shows the rocket at left and the Iron Man
Astronaut parachute being deployed during
the sequence.
(Iron Man has his own rocket) Space1 has developed the Iron Man Rocket, which ejects an Iron Man astronaut that can fly back to earth wearing an Iron Man type suit.

The idea comes from not only the Iron Man movies, but the great Freefall, a famous rocket that ejected an astronaut wearing only a parachute for free fall back to the earth.

The Space1 Iron Man will have a "directional chute or suit" allowing some control over where to land and the method of flight during controlled free fall reentry mode. Iron Man will remain inside the Iron Man Rocket climbing all the way to apogee, then after a period of coasting, eject to free fall and return flight control. The Iron Man Rocket is designed to eject an astronaut at the same time when the rocket begins its reentry and ejects its parachute. This is a dual recovery operation.

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