Sunday, July 26, 2015

Space1 Massive Rocket Engine

Old space engines of great complexity such as this liquid fueled rocket engine were discontinued by the space program for safety reasons and budgetary concerns. Too many liquid fuel valves, liquid flow pipes, and liquid regulators had too many clogging failures, causing the engine and the rocket to fail and blow up over the years of operations. New modern day rockets have led to a new type of reliable engine with far fewer parts and without being prone to failure from liquid fueled valves, pipes, liquid reservoirs and liquid flow regulators. New engines now have anticipatory specific thrust and burn packing with significant weight reduction and the control complexity eliminated.
Space1 has taken delivery of the most massive and powerful rocket engine since the inception of the space tourism program, founded in January of 2014.

This will change the way Space1 does business, increasing the altitude of the rocket, allowing heavier and more payload, offering more thrust and power at liftoff and throughout the flight, enabling an increase in space born instrumentation and new flight controls, in flight recording devices and cameras, and making possible larger rockets with more crew astronauts. These heavy lift rockets with massive rocket engines are likely the rockets to take our space plane skyward for materials, experiments and astronauts for free flight return.

Complexity of old rocket engine piping and parts led to its demise. New rocket engines employed by Space1 have completely eliminated all of the archaic gadgetry that can cause a multitude of failures, fractures, and safety issues. Many rockets that blew up in earlier days of the space program were equipped with complicated liquid fueled engines.

Actually, it was necessary for Space1 operations to pick up the rocket engines, as the supplier would not offer delivery for obvious reasons. Direct pickup saved Space1 company an exorbitant amount of delivery money four times greater than the cost of a single engine!

Space1 as a tourist space program is moving faster than any space program has in the past. Since the move to the USA and working towards establishing a headquarters, rocket lab, rocket hangar, launch center, weather station, Space1 Headquarters Office, a mini observatory for tracking and guiding, and spaceport, never before has Space1 worked on so many things simultaneously, and accomplished so much in so little time. Space1 is working on a technologically high deadline and one that guarantees safety and launch implementation in a minimal time frame.

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