Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Space1 Rocket Safety Motors

Typical Engine - Bloodhound Project  Link
Space1 continues to develop and improve its rocket technology for safety. Part of this program deals with the use of safety rocket motors.

In order to achieve motor safety, each rocket motor is used only once. Currently the expanding space-age tourist rocket company has enough motors for 14 upcoming launches.

These motors are not reusable. To achieve the highest safety levels, no rocket motor materials are reused for a reason. Typically, invisible fracture lines and stress failures occur within motor casings, components and cast materials.

This can occur for several reeasons: mechanical in-flight stress, Young's Modulus of flexure, high thermodynamic levels, buffeting, pressure, vibrations encompassing large frequency range, heavy G forces, junction to weightlessness, re-entry stress, jolt stress during parachute deploy (in parachute return vehicles), and other parameters.

Discarding all one-time use components is a welcomed safety feature. This ensures a greater envelop of safety for astronauts in the program.

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