Thursday, July 23, 2015

Space1 XRocket XMotor

Take out the rubber o-rings from NASA's SRB engine and you essentially have a version of Space1's contiguous safety motor. The safety motor has no fitting dealing with rubber o-rings or a duplicity of physical end to end attachments. The charge is pure and continuous making it the most reliable motor in the industry for space travel. The motor is matched 100% to Space1's largest and most powerful rocket, the XRocket, designed to safely take tourists into space. This is a safety rocket. The massive motor is compatible with recent developments of booster staging, placing the Space1's XRocket into the highest lofting capacity and lifting capacity rocket of all time. This means more astronauts can fit into the spacecraft, astronauts can fly higher, and more supplies and instruments can stow on board.
THURS JULY 23 2015

Space1 contracts with one of the "longest in business" and most reliable suppliers of rocket Engines. This current cycle has included a supply ranging to the most powerful rocket motor supplied by this high technology source.

This is the powerful Xmotor. Space1 has redesigned a rocket around this motor and is currently in the testing program.

By design, the XRocket is the only rocket in Space1's fleet that can handle the power of the XMotor. The XRocket is fit specifically to the size of the XMotor using fitting retainers.

Space1's rocket fitting retainer is the full XMotor interface machined to fit the XRocket. Boosters and motors both utilize the safety rocket retainer interface.

Work is in tri mode, for developing and testing the XRocket, XMotor installation, and Booster Interface.

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