Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Space1 Basis Robotics System

Yamaha humanoid Alpha 2
Space1: "Piloting the interstellar winds of space enterprise"

THE FOUNDER of Space1 worked out a way to simplify the Space1 Space Suit and system, and that's why the possibility of an early 2016 launch of the first human tourist in space via Space1's Safety Rocket was quoted. It will simplify down into fundamental constituent rocket-suit components. "Cheaper, faster, and equally safe way to go into space." The plan will retain Space1's Basis Robotics System.

PROTO Humanoid robot
The all encompassing Basis Robotics System BRS is multifaceted and is a portion of the main Space1 tourist system. It has inter-connectivity with the space suit, rocket, and space flight systems. The BRS has two computers in the design at this time. Robotics enables the cooperation of "man and machine" in space tourism.

Yamaha's humanoid Alpha 2 reportedly can drive this motorcycle. What uses are possible for humanoids in the exploration of space? Will your next space tourism guide be a humanoid robot? Will a humanoid pilot and maintain interstellar star crafts?

‘PROTO’ is a sci-fi action adventure, about a child-like, experimental robot, set in the robotics lab where he has been built. Directed by Nick Pittom, it was filmed as an international co-production between Screen South based in the UK and Film Fyn based in Denmark. It was shot in August 2011 at Robocluster in Denmark, a genuine working robotics lab and completed in June 2012, before going on to its premiere showing in early 2013.


Humanoids can have skills, whether playing the violin, enacting in movies, or piloting a star ship through the interstellar winds of the Solar System.