Monday, August 6, 2018

Transition to Supertronic Brains

Humanoido's Supertronic Brain Invention is the transition threshold from the Big Brain to the new Supertronic Big Brain.

THE NEXT GENERATION IS HERE! The SuperTronic takes the previous enhancements of the 32-Bit Parallax Propeller chip to the next level, incorporating more chip internal hard processors, new definitions of relative operating speed, various levels and types of processors, and a multi-chip hybrid deterministic parallel and hyper threaded environment and platform.

Principally the greatest advantage is more computing processors in a single chip. This yields a greater chip to processor ratio for a single brain. Furthermore it can help reduce brain size to fit inside a humanoid robot head. 

SuperTronic Brain

Supertronic Spin Brain

Introducing the SuperTronic BoeBot!

SuperTronic Brain Era

Spin Brain