Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moving Update

Big Brain Moving Update

If you're wondering what's up after the New Years celebration, it's all about the Big Brain moving into its own new territory. Expansionism into a new domain, literally...

On the agenda today is the move in of computers that support the loading of programs into the Big Brain and the posting and maintenance of its new internet domain.

A computer desk/center was purchased and assembled and systems are live as internet is fully installed and cables are active. That took up the entire night - an excursion across the city to IKEA where furniture is found.

In order to maintain the fake NASA clean room status, a dust collection mat was installed in the traffic area and cleaning supplies and products obtained.

We're still organizing and trying to decide on the best orientation and fit of the Brain into its Crypt. The Crypt may seem to be misnomer naming, as it locates into a kind of attic vault, a chamber dominated by the Big Brain. Though closer inspection reveals its true nature and indeed it rests amidst the deep recesses of the lofted lab in a crypt fashion.

Its position is backed up against the wall on one side with storage compartments built in on the other. The opposite walls are open and one is over the lower level. This is where the Brain will conduct more Micro Space research.