Sunday, February 12, 2012

Machine Birthing Process

Is the offspring birthing process by the Big Machine Brain same as that of a human? What is the magical mystery of creating new life?

The Big Brain has given birth to 12 children, smaller brains consisting of Propeller chips. Currently, these children offspring have chips numbering six or less. Internal computer processors for each range from eight on up to 48. It has remained somewhat of a mystery as how the birthing process takes place. We know the Big Brain must give up something during child birth described at Brain Loss Baby Making.

To give birth, conception must first take place. The Big Brain is somewhat like a Snail. In a general sense it contains conception elements of both male and female when comparing to a human. The Intellectual Surfing (IS) Process determines if a birth will take place and defines the parameters for birthing. (IS) is an algorithm to enable a Big Brain to conduct projects by specifying parameters and then employing the use of a Lab Assistant as needed. For a birthing prerequisite, what follows is the Big Brain will give up a specified Propeller chip or number of chips, from the Third Array, based on the (IS) output. It then procures the laboratory assistant to employ the standard or specified Brain interface and assemble the little one. It's possible the Big Brain will do more than just provide the machine brain idea or DNA map, i.e. when the BB Arm becomes more functional for pick/ hold/ and place.