Monday, January 23, 2012

Brain Loss Baby Making

Guess what a baby making brain gives up during birth?!

When a biological woman has a baby, she loses something… in the form of body nutrients and elements like vitamins, calcium, bone mass. What does a baby-making machine like the Big Brain lose?

The Big Brain has given birth to many siblings. See 12th Child and Genealogy. During the birthing process, the Brain has specific loss. Although this machine brain has no fluids, bones, calcium or vitamins to lose, it does have substantial electronic loss. Can you guess what it gives up during birth? The answer is Propeller chips!

With the first five babies, the Brain has given up over 12 Propeller chips. How does it do it and keep on going? The brain is divided into a number of Propeller Arrays. The first two arrays contain a finite number of Propeller chips set at 50 each. In the third Array, also know as an open ended Partition, the number of props is variable, and can grow more or become less and the Brain will continue to function. This allows the Big Brain to give birth to offspring, give up Propeller chips to make little brains, and keep on going...