Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disembodied Brain Goes Airborne

It will take at least two weeks and a trip to China to retrieve the disembodied EXO portion of the Big Brain. It will then travel by jet aircraft, personally monitored, in disassembled pieces to it's new location.

This is part of a new program to fully assemble the disembodied brain in one location, to readily facilitate the next move in an effort to make the Big Brain more portable and easier to move, and create new built-in characteristics of mobility.

There's an increasing demand of the Big Brain for processing power and control, and in an effort to increase the magnitude of the Big Brain, all its components will need to function in one place of space time. Most remaining labs will remain open for R&D. Consolidation will be a future topic. The Big Brain has moved seven times and is an international project.

The BIG Brain is currently functioning without the EXO, by using its Right Brain and Left Brain sections which contain enhanced Propeller chip Arrays and AMD streaming processors. This currently leaves enough remaining brain power to run the new NULT 945-inch Telescope and the new Universe Penetrator.

The Big Brain EXO is made from 100% Parallax processors. The isolated EXO Brain section currently has a total of 21,000 enhanced Propeller VP processors, 168 Propeller Cog processors, and several host processors. Predominantly Propeller chip driven, it owes the majority of its processing and controlling power to enhanced Parallax Propeller chips.