Thursday, February 23, 2012

MC Computer Restoration

The MC Computer - Sequence of construction steps
We found the long lost Propeller MC Minimal Computer! It's discovery now makes it one of the foremost Big Brain projects of all time!

Since the advent of the MC Computer, a computer designed for minimal computing, the Big Brain was born and developed in a time span lasting over one year. During this era, several things happened. A hard drive crash destroyed the MC Computer material including the story about MC development, Text Manual, schematics, photos and software with numerous programs. It was like a flesh eating virus and it ate all HD content. Over a half year later, the recovery process continues and emergence of some files has led to the ongoing restoration of the MC Computer. The new knowledge and technology created by the Big Brain will enable more rapid development of the MC.

MC is now another offspring of the Big Brain and is designed with only one Propeller chip. The MC computer is the foundation project that will lead to several more interesting projects, including the Shrunken Computer (SC) and the Propeller Elf II (the Propeller-based emulator of the original retro Netronics Elf II microcomputer from the 1970s).

MC Assembly Parts & Tools
During the temporary demise of the MC (the HW always remained intact, except its one Propeller chip was assimilated by the Big Brain), new projects emerged based based on its design, therefore knowledge exists of the development of these new projects. Also utilizing one Propeller, the two new reincarnations will reside within the Big Brain's offspring family. During the original post, a teaser showed small images of the emerging project, step by step. Stay tuned for more information about the MC Minimal Computer, the SC Shrunken Computer and the New Propeller Elf II.