Friday, July 13, 2012

Sun Edge Reveal


THE MASSIVE GT TELESCOPE is known for new science of discovery in the Universe. Pointing the telescope at a solar system object is always exciting because the reveal leads to greater understanding. 

In this spectacular discovery image reveal obtained with the GT Genius Telescope in stopped down 1.5-mile Level I Aperture Mode, the Sun's Edge is shown to contain thousands of sub flares erupting from the molten magma. The sun constantly contains and creates, at any one time, trillions of these bubbling changing eruptions. Hydrogen Alpha character selection filter wavelength band-pass selection employed with a singular Adjunctive and the Advanced Universe Penetrator AUP set to the first aperture level at 1.5-miles. The MMS Multi Mag Slider was 60 to 70% engaged and processing took place with the Big Brain Supercomputer at the Center for the GT Space Administration. In cooperation with the GT Space Administration, NASA, DSC Deep Space Center, Big Brain Supercomputer Project, and Humanoido.

Note: this is only the second publicly known published image taken by the GT Genius Telescope. The first image obtained by this mammoth telescope (Transit of Venus) is found here:

For more information about the GT: