Monday, October 15, 2012

M42 PGT Paradigmic Genius Telescope


MONDAY OCTOBER 15TH 2012 - STUNNING VIEWS! were obtained using the Big Brain's PGT Super Telescope. Observations were completed on Monday, driven with a new portal window designed to show a wider view FOV (thanks to the experimental FR) with more visible detail and less cluttering of telescope controls.

M42 is the birthplace of stars and shows a wealth of detail in expanding hydrogen dust and filamentary detail. Glowing nebulosity is lit up by nearby and embedded stars. The PGT is an experimental telescope that's performing beyond all expectations.

The successful new portal version is functional though still under construction - it appears it will be chosen for primary use. This is the second image captured with the PGT. The previous observation did focusing on a Black Hole at the center of galaxy with a massive Event Horizon and a Relativistic Space Time Jet.

One possible future expansion of the PGT may include the GMM's (Genius Molecular Microscope) Stage Cascader to zoom in to highly detailed portions of a wide FOV Cosmic View. This will ride atop the ocularic section for amplification and permit highly detailed magnified enlargement of selected areas much like results obtained from refinement stages within the GMM.

It will be an exciting experiment to attach the Molecular Cascader atop the PGT Telescope and view the results. If permanently used, it could usher in a new age of telescope. One proposal is Molecular PGT or MPGT for Molecular Paradigmic Genius Telescope. This may be shortened to MGT Molecular Genius Telescope.