Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Intergalactic Space Control Panel

From December 1952, Modern Mechanix

Go retro using wood and old parts with this project - the deluxe electrical toy for junior space travelers.

Try searching with Google on space control panel to see many fascinating varieties of instrumentation control panels for your next futuristic project.

Remember when electronics project DIY cabinets were made of wood?

Of course a much safer and more inexpensive circuit could be made with a 1.5 volt AA battery and LEDs.

For interest, take a look at the pictorial to find a car fender curb feeler. When was the last time you built one of those?! After some head scratching, read the article text for the full explanation...

The article text says, "Note the automobile curb feeler. This is hooked up to a buzzer and looks like a miniature antenna. Touching it of course causes the buzzer to sound—only when its switch is “on.” Such secondary switches are a constant source of delight to a boy and his friends. Sometimes the buzzer will work and sometimes it will not, depending-of course upon the switch position."

Space control panels from Google search