Friday, January 25, 2013

Paper Plastic or Polyester?

Photo 1
New High Tech Bag Holds Your Goods

Walk into Family Mart and you may walk out with the latest high tech or low tech bag, depending on how you look at it.

Photo 2
As seen by the texture in the photo, the bag is a type of fabric polyester, which is not the only differentiating feature from conventional bags.

Photo 3
This one appears to have a series of oval cuts made at various positions. When you place a food box (or iphone) in the center and grab the sides, a carry bag is formed. (see Photo 1)

Presumably it's much easier and lower cost to merely cut a piece of square material.

Photo 2 shows the fabric material texture similar to polyester and the oval-shaped cuts.

Photo 4
Photo 3 shows placing an object in the center. Note, the bags cannot be used for very small items that may fall through the openings. For boxes of food, the bags work great.

Photo 4 shows the two sides grasped and being raised, and the position of the weight in the center relative to the sides and the shape of a bag being formed. This may look similar to a Fresnel lens.

Photo 5

Photo 5 shows the bag ready to be carried.

DIY Your Own Bag
You can DIY your own bag with a flat piece of polyester and a scissors. Just cut out the indicated pattern in photo 2.