Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Emerging Worlds of Massive Transposition Machines

Travel to the heart of this great and vast stellar nursery abyss, splayed by the Big Brain's ultra space penetrating GT eye, and discover thousands of new worlds beginning to emerge.

Transposition machines (MTMs) are powerful computing machines that continue to evolve like new emerging worlds from the stellar nursery abyss. They were initially conceived and birthed in the year 2009. Fast forward to May 16th, 2011, and the Massive T1 Transposition Machine was in full operation - blogged in regard to its merging with the Big Brain machine. In 2013, the T1 has become the front end of a new breed of massively parallel machines.

May 16, 2011 "There are several machine technologies now merged with the Big Brain. One is the Massive Transposition Machine, a machine that I designed/invented around 2 years ago, mentioned at the signature link. The Massive Transposition Machine was originally designed for a thousand Propellers but was scaled back in the actual construction, which was shy of the 1,000 props and finally led to the Big Brain. This was spun off the devices gleaned from the US40. Rather than do two incredibly large Propeller projects, many of the details of the MTM were and are being incorporated into the Extremely Large Brain project. This is not the only previously invented technology going into the Big Brain as some time ago the technique of Cloning was likewise developed (my off site paper). Using Brain Cloning has resulted in more effective Brain packages, propagation and time saving methods, increasing the effective software speed, reducing code, and has led to better techniques of folding and unfolding in dreaming and neural packaging." Humanoido
The Massive T1 Transposition Machine is a powerful TeraFLOPS machine made by Humanoido Labs. It has a 10x10x10 cube design with all available Propeller chips* and is built up to over 1,526 hardware processors plus over 800,000 VP processors added.** What is the Transposition machine doing today? The T1 or MTM derivatives have numerous features that are now adopted in the Lab's series of Massively Parallel Machines. To DIY these large machines, new designs are required to maintain low power, low cost, ease of programming, basic wiring, and a convenient way to set up and run numerous applications and experiments. The T1 has led to developments that satisfy these requirements. These features are fast becoming the standard for a line of T1-evolved incorporations and newer machines.

Features of the T1 Transposition Machine
  • Low Power
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Loading
  • Fast Response
  • Simplified Display
  • Maximized Design
  • Parallel apps
  • Fast Setup
  • New Algorithms
  • Processor I/O Reporting
  • Processor Enhacement
  • Partitioning
  • MIM Machine in a Machine
  • PARP Parallel Parallel
  • No Parts Enabling
  • Reconfigurable
  • Cloning
  • Transforming
  • SuperTronic Enabling***
* A 10x10x10 cube is created by the arrangement of processors
** VPs are created by Propeller enhancement
*** Note: the latest version of the Transposition Machine is Big Brain SuperTronic enabled

This machine was entered into the Big Brain category of machines.

The machine was first blogged at the Parallax Forum on the signature site.

The T1 is also included in the Big Brain Genealogy blog.