Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mystery Object

Mystery object seen through the PDT Telescope
NEW: Can you identify this eerie object?

Hint... it was seen through the recently completed Power Dynamic Telescope and it's a large celestial object in space. It was captured with the Molecular Unit and Multi Adjunctive Mode. We'll reveal the result in a future post.

What is this black and blue object lurking inside the glowing depths of this interesting green turbulent crypt of deep space matter? Does it have something to do with a gravitational black hole or is it a new object emerging from space and time? Identifying and interpreting cosmos images has become an important part of the Big Brain's Space Program. Be the first to identify this object and we'll send out a prize award. All followers and colleagues not part of the imaging team will qualify for this contest. Refer to the above CONTACT menu and use the email address provided.


In the event the prize is not formally claimed within ten days, the next time-based person who had correctly identified the mystery object will be selected.