Sunday, April 21, 2013

Power Dynamic Telescope PDT Press Release

POWER DYNAMIC TELESCOPE PDT To date, the Power Dynamic Telescope is the most powerful Adjunctive telescope ever designed and constructed by the Big Brain Initiative.

Rated as an Explorer Class telescope, it has the largest budget, the most agency support on board, and over 140 specialized controls, setting new records and discoveries during First Light. Designed to investigate black holes, the time continuum, and relativistic causal effects leading to a journey beyond the edge of the Universe' singularity.

With thousands of miles aperture using various adjunctive configurations, it can exist in two places at the same time with management of Enhanced Entanglement.

Key conceptions include 01)Paradigmic, 02) Adjunctive , 03) Molecular, 04) Quantum, 05) Analyzer Head, 06) New Control Panel , 07) Wavelength Variablizer, 08) Power Dynamic, 09) Supercomputer Driven, 10) Morphable , 11) Entanglement Enabled, 12) Focalization Reductive.

The Power Dynamic Telescope PDT is managed by Humanoido and Humanoido Laboratories, Big Brain Initiative and the Propeller Powered Big Brain Supercomputer Center, Deep Space Center DSC, Ultra Space Administration USA, Power Dynamic Telescope Control Center, and NASA with additional on-board NASA agencies.