Friday, April 19, 2013

Power Dynamic Telescope Preparation

The new massive Power Dynamic Telescope is being prepared for the upcoming test. It's performance is an unknown at this time, as with first light of all new telescopes. We'll know the level of performance after the test image is acquired. Because the new PDT has the best features of the previous five Adjunctive telescopes and all the new features of the PDT combined, its performance could be dramatic by comparison.

When is a telescope abandoned and a new one created? When the number of add ons, revisions, upgrades, to a telescope exceed a certain level, a new telescope is created. This is what rapidly happened with the PGT-ET telescope. Performance was off the charts, and described as mind boggling. It accomplished many of the Prime Directives, the greatest being penetration of the Universe to the edge. All of this happened in a relatively short period of time and shows the rapid pace of Big Brain activity and progress. We've had to work around the clock on these projects. The Big Brain Initiative is a slave driver!

In particular, we're looking at testing and tuning the Molecular Enhancer Controller, the Focalization Reductor, the Electron Electronic Molecular Barlow and other new devices added to the telescope.

It's expected, in terms of the Prime Directive, the Power Dynamic Telescope will focus on Black Holes and those objects deemed important for solving the path set forth. This could be related to the effects of supernova, black hole jets, and places of time travel and transposition with temporal events. It will also cover unusual events and different ways of looking at famous objects in the Cosmos.