Monday, April 1, 2013

The Experiment

Our team and a small quantum mechanics experiment
Jeff's unfortunate lab experience
April 1st, 2013
by Humanoido

key words: sci-fi, short story, prose, fiction, tongue-in-cheek

The Adventures of  Tom Volt

My name is Tom Volt. They call me the boy scientist experimenter as my reputation is all about discovery and exploring new worlds. My parents are dead. They left me their science legacy - all the equipment, knowledge, advanced science labs, wealth and ability to explore the unknown - even though rarely sometimes things go awry, out of control, or lead to startling unexpected results from the dreaded Murphy's Law, which states: "if anything can go wrong, it will."

The hot Quantum Mechanics experiment was set up yesterday by the lab assistant. The weird and unknown worlds of quantum reality are little understood and are definitely counter intuitive to human thinking as we all know. However, we decided to push forward in our quest for knowledge and understanding and wildly and rashly experiment with the mysterious and unknown. What followed was something we never expected! 

It wasn't that long ago, growing up, on April 1st, I was awoken to "come quick, look out the window, the aliens have landed!" I burst out of bed looking for the SETI revelation and fled to the window only to be disappointed to see no one had landed. April Fools!!! The joke was on me! Ever since that time I've taken April First with a grain of salt, not expecting anything of worthy magnitude or the unexpected to be of true gains. This philosophy took an unexpected turn this year, as science took on the quantum world with experimentation and a door to a quantum reality. 

The team is not normally superstitious but today, everyone advised against continuing due to the day being the notorious April First (April Fools Day), a day for humorous tricks.

It was because on the previous Friday the 13th, another superstition so called ill fated day for accidents, Dr. Robert Brendon, PhD of Temporal-Ultra-Cyberdynamics, activated a space time machine and lost the left side of his body when conducting the Dorg-Fitzinger time travel experiment. Unfortunately, part of his body was metamorphed beyond the spooky entanglement of time and the other portion of his body remained anchored in the Lab.

Now he was nearby watching our experiment, as half man - half machine, fighting to stay alive with every breath, watching our experiment through the foggy plate glass window from inside a kind of cold, dark, massive, wrought Iron Lung machine that supported his time extended existence.

Basically we think one can take steps to open a new door to an alternate dimension world or reality - one that co-exists with our own universe. Keep in mind, all of this is very experimental and speculative, and if one does too much experimenting without prior knowledge of quantum effects, anything can and will happen.

Accidents beyond the mundane, of the weirdest kind can happen. This goes beyond the outer limits of relativity and our world. Plus, we’re dealing with powerful equipment, dangerous atom smashers, hundreds and thousands of times more powerful than the CERN Particle Accelerator, DIY made from incoming high energetic cosmic rays and with difficult to control power of Pi-mesonic-tachyonic templars, anything can go wrong.

Let’s review the events that happened on April first. The apparatus was set to open a quantum door, then enlarge it so that a tiny nano-sized observational "humanoid robot" machine could enter and explore the unknown.

Jeff, the prime lab assistant, set up the ill-fated equipment early in the morning. Now, this is very delicate equipment on the order of nanometers and less in size. Just one bump and the entire experiment could go awry and up in smoke.

Set it, and forget it - apparently that’s what jeff did, a result of his tipsy consumption at the Nobel Prize party the previous night - he voided our cardinal rule, leaving the setup unattended for the rest of the morning.

Little did he know, that morning a Richter-intensive earthquake jolted the lab, upheaving the settings and upsetting the critical positioning of the experimental equipment. This modified the differential spot equations for holding open and expanding the quantum door. The door would now be much larger and have a gravitational pulling effect by errant residual tiny black holes. Murphy’s Law came true… if anything can go wrong, it will!

Myself, and the complete group arrived in the afternoon to conduct and observe the experiment. We set our tiny nano robot to exploration mode and fired up the massive electrodyne machine. The bright glow from copious particle dynamics was immediately apparent as Jeff stoked the fires of quantum resuscilators.

Right on time, according to procedures, he activated all Tuoegenous Fibrulatory Asscuscilation Devices. Powerful high energetic cosmic rays from a massive supernova in deep space were collected and beam focussed. Small calibrations were assumed to be automatic. Smashing took place as particulates and energy packatrons were signatured into oblivitals.

At first, a low hum was heard, followed by a larger alien sound that no one recognized. What was this? Next, a dark matter glow increased with a fair amount of nubrious haze permeating the lab so our vision was limited. We were unaware, as the graviton waves emanated forth, their unexpected intensity began to melt the vital lensing containments.

Next, Jeff activated the magnetic door capitulates to hold open the quantum door for the first time. We held our breath as the nano robo probe microscopically moved toward the new dimension of space and time - a new era in science about to begin, exposed, poised, as we were ready to enter a new world of the unknown. Robert commented, “it's better to have the robot to go through that door rather than us!” We all agreed as the portal began to oscillate and change shape.

Suddenly, due to the discombobulation made by the force of the morning’s earthquake, the quantum door rapidly enlarged much greater than expected. The limiter siren went off, warning lights flashed, buzzers buzzed, as the gravitons kicked-in full force. The door grew uncontrolled, larger and larger in the first minute - and flung open wide - now a full size man could go through. We looked at each other, expecting the unexpected, and Jeff volunteered to enter the void through the door. At that instant, he was flung towards the black hole opening - he gripped the table but it was too late… he was sucked in!

Everyone had previously advised Jeff not to go through the door. We told him, "look what happened to Robert! He lost half his body!" Jeff was not listening - mesmerized by the thoughts of exploring new worlds.

It was unknown what strange erie transformations could result to the limitations of his frail nerdy human body. Jeff was always the one not to listen to anyone. He had rolled up his skinny shirt sleeves and positioned himself directly in front of the heavy Quantal Graviton door locks. That was when something very dire happened.

Unexpected graviton waves captured the mass of Jeff’s puny body, pulling him into the quantum dimension, sucking in his low mass human signature into the powerful gripping warp of time, space, and the unknown. First an arm entered the blinding vortex, next a leg, then we could see the transformation begin in Jeff’s face - a kind of malleable molding and melting, a meld into something hideous, horrendous with a horrifying alien appearance.

His eyes popped out, held there on long silver meniscual lenticular energy strings, and his hair and skin flew out turning to into tiny bubbling scintillation stars. His bone stretched and seemed to lodge under irregular shaped lumps of Crendal Garmathons. The morphing was rapid and there was no return.

Dr. Gifford Holn suggested it looked like Jeff was becoming a state of pure energy. No doubt. As the light increased, so did the horrifying screams, as his body seemed to rip apart, eaten up by something, perhaps the strength of the temporal time excursion, or perhaps the vast forces of physics we could not yet explain - and now Jeff was disembodied, torn apart, molecule by molecule, before our shocked and horrified eyes. Who you gonna call in an event like this?

Team members scrambled to operate the controls and save Jeff, to no avail. The next idea was to pull the plug! But we all knew this was now impossible as the machine was more alien, affixed with protruding crystals and even the oscilloscope was now an alien machine, with a half visible melding frontal display phasing in and out of reality from one world to another.

Jeff’s screams subsided, as he totally vanished, and, as the vari pitched whine of the machine intensified, it threatened to take the other team members - the entire room bent and flexed as if the reality of our word lost a foothold on sensibility. The sound was so loud it was deafening! The size and intensity of the temporal shifts were ultimately humongous and we ran for the Lab door to get out and escape the hideous wrath headed our way, but we didn’t make it there.

Time itself had changed. Dr. Kuiser, standing at the right side of the Lab, who was 90 years old, now reversed in age to 9.  Dr. Tagun, on the left side of the Lab, aged from 30 to 300. The flux of time was changing, shifting, bending, as the quantum door began to rotate and spin, pulsing and growing.

I was the only lucky person, standing in the center of the room, when the eye of the quantum storm hit. No other person escaped the door grips as one by one they all were sucked into the alternate dimension and vanished. Suddenly our power source went dead, and the quantal experiment vanished as everything was being eaten through the quantum reality door. Even the door disappeared.

As I had only one look through the door into the new world, it would change my life forever - the absorption of data impinged into my brain cells and the blazing saturated transfer of new alien and unknown information would occupy my cranial thoughts for a lifetime.

As for the quantum experimentation, other labs repeated the experiment but without the random discombobulate of the earthquake, nothing unusual  happened.

Although many of our well known scientists disappeared, our project was branded "the Bermuda Triangle of Quantum Reality."