Friday, May 31, 2013

AAR Altercated Alternated Reality Machine


Photo: Showing a spectacular alternate reality view from the front Boiler Face Plate on the new completed AAR Machine. This is the Lab's first emergence look at a specific dark underground AA Reality, birthed from a primordial molecular world that no man has seen before!

Note the new projected-link control panel and controls. The switches and turn dials each have multiple functions and operate with Mapped Set Projections. The design of Turn Dial positional infinitudes dictate unlimited functionality.

Working with a new machine that has alternated reality production capability makes one wonder what strange things or ultra-metastasis creatures could unleash and begin to emerge from newly observed Altered Reality or its formation.

How many of these modified or entirely new realities exist within the dark realm of our universe or lay hidden beyond in the eternal darkness of the Outer Existence? How can we more effectively develop a machine to bring forth the discovery of these new altercated dimensional worlds? Enter these unknown new worlds with the AAR Machine and be prepared for the shock of your life!

According to the time universe theory, an unlimited number of these realities, and every possible combination, can exist over the countless generations of creation and eternal time, and thus likewise, an unlimited number of altercational dimensional realms may also take place and emerge with formation. Can the AAR machine increase the speed of time, increase the frequency of these discoveries, and yield new shocking discoveries within the darkest regions of these alternated realities?

Alter and change the visible known reality into and out of the unknown alternated state reality with this machine. Seek out new previously unknown realities — bring these into existence and explore where no one has gone before.

The journey: Engage the Molecular machine and the hot Inference Engine to begin our fantastic journey and experience one of the greatest metamorphosis’ in history of the Initiative.

The molecular flow of matter and energy has changed into an alignment. A new matter space time reality is created. A plateau of molecular energy is the result with an alignment flow of particle dynamics. Dynamics of alternation in progress shows two “waterfalls,” one of which leads to and achieves the altercated-alternated reality dimension.

The objective is to create a small working AAR machine with a boiler face plate and build in the mapped projected control references needed to manage it.

Imagine a machine that you can turn on, calibrate, and focus on a particular reality in the Universe. Now modify the machine settings to affect the streaming input to gain a new alternate view of reality. Altered Realities have altered constructs of space, time, matter and elemental physics such as gravity, molecular structure, and inferences.

The AAR machine is a pipe fit onto one of the most powerful telescopes in the series. However, the current goal was to create a stand alone operational black box unit that can accept input, not necessarily from a telescope. This permits the viewing of AARs forming in the local neighborhood of observed dimension. We also think it may be possible to stream such data and see real time dimensional altercation-alternations. However, the type of sensors will need to be investigated.

The machine is designed to change a specific reality. The induction of changes create new realities. Alternated realities can have different flows of space, dimension, structured material, and/or time. The absence of anything, or the nothingness also constitutes something. Structures can also change and alternate. One will need to investigate what will happen when nothingness is altercated. In one experiment, something emerged from the background but we dare not, or cannot, identify it at this time.

— The AAR is just beginning to open up new realities in the universe and beyond —

Sheen processed with the engagement of the Molecular Machine ahead of the AAR machine, the rolling plains of moleculars reach a border limit where the first (upper) molecular “waterfalls” occurs. At the base of the waterfalls, eddies do appear and a river stream of moleculars is positioned orthogonal with aligned flow. There is a specific width to the river, which drops a flow at its parallel side and creates another waterfall. The motion shows the capture time of this altered reality has blurred the falling moleculars of both waterfalls. The second waterfall leads to another plains and not a river of molecular alignment. Both waterfalls show motion of matter in space and time. The first plains appears to have a higher molecular density compared to the plains created by the second waterfall.

The controls are mapped in rows and columns. From top to bottom, labeling is A through E for Toggle Switches and A through H for Turn Dials. Rows are numerically numbered from left to right, 1& 2 for Toggle Switches and 1 & 2 for Turn Dials. NOTE: Toggles have five rows while Dials have eight rows. Toggles can map two functions per switch. Dials can map up to twenty or more functions each.


ARR is driven by the Big Brain Semi-Cognitive Supercomputer at the Deep Space Center which is managed by the Ultra Space Administration. Humanoido Laboratories is a Worldwide Organization for exploring creative science and the mysteries inside and beyond the Universe.