Monday, May 20, 2013

Humanoido Lab May 2013 Update

Things are moving extremely fast here at Humanoido Laboratories. In May of this year 2013, the Lab opened work with two human space launches into Near Space, both of which were great successes and introduced a Tiny Space Telescope which also achieved success in imaging the sky in space.

Proceeding work led to finding a solution for two edge Universe unfolding, leading to greater understanding of how the Big Brain Space Initiative can move closer to punching through the Universe.

Using an Explorer Class telescope, a black hole singularity was pinpointed. Black holes are believed to be the key to phasing between this universe and another place beyond the barrier. The age of extremely powerful telescopes was defined, and as we now know, has reached a total of ten telescopes.

The age of Gravatomic was announced as work proceeded on the Gravatomic Machine which came to fruition after many years because of the availability of new resources and technology. 

Several new telescopes were constructed and put into operations, the GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope, the SRT Space Recycler Telescope, and the MMT Molecular Mining Telescope. This led to a new Telescope Face Place and new defining control icons. The study and development of an advanced telescope flight control panel was continued.

The SRT telescope provided new opportunities in imaging the solar system and planet Saturn with its ring system. A study of system rotation ensued. The Outer Existence was defined along with the great visions and inspiration to reach it.

The Ultra Space Center was upgraded to handle the new telescopes. Use of the GGT telescope and its First Light led to numerous discoveries, in particular the meltdown of space and time. On Tuesday May 21, 2013 we announced the molecular mining and new discoveries in the region of the Cradle of Stars. 
MMT Molecular Mining the Cradle of Stars
Space Recycler Telescope SRT
GGT Faceplate Control Icon Rework
Telescope Icons
First Light GGT Gargantuan GravAtomic Telescope
Meltdown of Space & Time
The Outer Existence
Advanced Control Panel
Gravatomic Machine
Age of Gravatomic
Ultra Space Center Upgrade
GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
Age of the Extremely Powerful Telescope
Pinpointing a Singularity
Two Edges Universe Unfolding
Near Space Launch Night May 2
Near Space Launch Morning May 2