Saturday, May 25, 2013

MMT Horsehead Nebula Wide View

The view of the Universe is crazy bright with molecular stars and molecular interstellar dust and matter, as seen in this wide FOV view taken with the MMT Molecular Mining Telescope. This region is molecular mined in and around the Horsehead Nebula. The Horsehead is the tiny image circled in yellow. For a closeup comparison molecular view of the Horsehead, follow the link below.

MMT Molecular Mining Telescope Horsehead Nebula
Extremely Powerful Telescopes Update

The Lab is continuing to study the results of all molecular images taken with the MMT and newer telescopes with the Molecular Mining Machine pipe installed.

MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope 
Number ten on our list of powerful telescopes and introduced publicly on May 20th, 2013, the new MMT Molecular Mining Telescope is now dedicated to Molecular mining of the Universe and beyond. The idea to pipe mount the Molecular Device from the GMM Genius Molecular Microscope onto the GT Genius Telescope was one of the best ideas in the Big Brain's Space Initiative. This led to Mining in the Universe with a new kind of molecular mode, which has revealed spectacular results and many new discoveries, providing a high level of exploration and continued discovery. The MMT telescope is configured with several key features: Adventure and Explorer Class Modes, Molecular Device, Adjunctive, Genius, Supercomputer, ET Enhanced Technology, Paradigmic and Power Dynamic.

MMT Molecular Mining Telescope Horsehead Nebula
MMT Molecular Mining the Cradle of Stars

The MP Molecular Processor is set to level 3 for this view. During this observational session, level 1 and level 2 were also explored.