Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Generating Altercated Alternated Reality

This is the Lab's first result of humans creating a new altercated alternated time space reality showing a reversal in the flow of particulate matter, time and space. Structural organization of space and time has changed into an extended ledge plateau of causation where matter has re-organizational flow in space time. The imaging represents a phasing entering into and exiting from the alternative reality along the plateau boundary. Perceptively within the visible boundary is the realm of altercated alternative space and time reality. The moleculars have different alignment and a different plane of existence. Also shown is the transition realm, the space that borders the reality change from one to the next and back again. Man-made alternate realities may have new applications not only in understanding the construction of the Universe and space time placement but also may result in the creation of alternated operational machines and new particulate existences within alternated realities.
Can one or more new realities emerge, made of nothing, space, time, and/or matter having perceptiveness, creation, birth and formation by man-made thought, or intellectual affirmative action or means? Can we play God in creating new universes and patches of alternated reality or are we simple scientists conducting reality manipulating experiments? The is the developing story of how new alternative realities in the universe are beginning to emerge.

It's now postulated that many altercated-alternated realities currently exist, are waiting to birth, while others have the potentiality to exist within our space and time brought into emergence by man-made means and special conditions. At this point it becomes interesting. Are they are brought into fruition by a number of varying means, i.e. by the mind of mankind, by the means of internalized visions, or by some scientific or natural occurring means? The answer is all the above.

— According to Hawking, it's the perception of reality in the mind of "individual" mankind that shapes and determines its causation. —

We began experimenting, exploring the concepts of creating altercated alternated realities, island realities, based on constituent components of existing reality, possible mutations, transformations and metamorphosis. Experiments were set up within patches of existing universe material in the conventional sense of preliminary arrangements with patterns of time, space and physics.

New rules of altercated alternated realities emerged. It was then that alternation and altercation was introduced. By new definitions of alternated reality, the concept was applied by not only and not entirely looking for parallel universes or their creation but rather looking for transformations, juxtapositions, of existing regions and patches in this universe.

The small scale of the experiment could lead to larger effects including the induction of the very transformations, juxtapositions that were being sought. In a bolder step, from a step by step procedural progression, the alternate reality could be created by a human and then birthed into altercated alternated reality by means.

Alternations were initially the prominent key in the experiments. Alternations are defined, created, stepped incrementally, then discovered in new light. This led to the first man-made creation of an altercated alternated reality with components of time and space. In this experiment, imaging was possible, with reality existing of the components the make up general consensus reality, thus providing visibility. Not all realities will provide such visibility. These experiments are currently ongoing. A scientific investigation is also ongoing to determine applications for alternate realities and how they may be used for the current initiatives such as real time dipole alternations of nano piping alignments.

  • Transformation
  • Level Modification
  • Space, Time, Matter Changes
  • Reconfigurations
  • Transpositions
  • Transitioning
  • Phasing
  • Reversal
  • Matricization
  • Juxtapositioning
  • Mutation
  • Metamorphosis
  • Flow Alternation
  • Bordering
  • Perimeterizing
  • Force Fielding
  • Reorganization
  • Dimensional Permutation