Thursday, June 13, 2013

Projected Mapping Device

EZMAP Source projections example
How useful is the technique of Projected Mapping?

One of the first uses of Projected Mapping was with the AAR Machine. AAR Machine Projected Control Mapping was invented to transfer, map and project controls from a boiler face plate to the actual functions for operating the Altercated-Alternated Reality Machine (AAR). This method works well and was adopted for additional devices, including Procedural Machines. The final projected destination for the control mapping was the Lab's supercomputer Big Brain. After 30 days of use, the technique is more perfected, works well and is now implemented in almost all new machines.

Projection mapping is in use in other academia and studies to conventionally transfer parts of objectss, such in the case of a spherical planet like the Earth or Mars, to that of a flat surface, often resulting in a mercator projection that can represent maps on a flat-plane paper in two dimensions.

The Lab is using the projection in a different manner to go from a 3D representations on a planar surface that exists only in code or that which is brought into graphical representations, to that which exists only inside the mind as thought, i.e. in these examples, the mind of the supercomputer or the mind of a human transfer agent.

The projection is then linked to the actual function and the function is carried out. In this manner, full control panels containing arrays of function switches can be implemented.

May Update Part 2
AAR Machine Projected Control Mapping
Procedural Machine