Thursday, June 27, 2013

Propeller 2

Parallax prepares to introduce the new Propeller 2 chip to supplement the very successful Propeller 1 chip.

Specs here:

Factoid #1
It's interesting to note, if the Big Brain used Propeller 2 chips instead of Propeller 1 chips, instead of having 100,000 V processors, the number would rise to one million.

Factoid #2
The speed, at 1600 MIPs per chip, would run at standard clock speed of 160,000 MIPs per hundred chips comparing to clock enhanced 20,000 MIPs with Propeller 1.

Factoid #3
It is not know if Supertronic enhancements will apply to the architecture of the Propeller 2 chip. If they do apply, the speed could increase to around 2 million MIPs per 100 quantity which pushes it closer to supercomputing status. (2,000,000,000,000 instructions per second)

Download more information here