Saturday, June 22, 2013

Temporary Humanoido Lab in Seoul South Korea

Source Map of Asia, Korea, Japan, China
Humanoido Labs is preparing to set up a temporary Summer-time laboratory in Seoul South Korea.

The primary purpose of the new lab is short term humanoid robot science study and technology related. It will include secondary studies in robotics, Korean language for humanoid programming, and culture. Assessment will also include a daytime and nighttime observatory to examine the sky for particulates content and to determine a rating for astronomical observations and various related space science endeavors. The lab will conduct meetings, study various locations, perform scientific studies, do exploration, and formulate conclusions. Enroute, the Humanoido Portable In-Transit Lab will also be in effect.

The rise of the humanoid robot is more pronounced in the Asian arena. Key humanoid robotics players include almost every major country in Asia. South Korea has introduced competitive humanoids in the market place, in competitions and captured first time records of walking and highly functional products.

In the past, Humanoido Labs established both long term and short term labs in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Indonesia, Macao, and other locations. A mobile transit lab also exists that can remain in flight without a parent country. A Mobile Transport Lab was flown over the North Pole and collected data. The Big Brain Initiative, USA - Ultra Space Administration, DSC - Deep Space Center, are divisions of Humanoido Laboratories.

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