Monday, June 10, 2013

Upgrading the Big Brain Supercomputer

Plans are moving forward to upgrade the Lab's Big Brain Supercomputer, either doubling the power of its speed or making twin supercomputers.

A single supercomputer is desirable to take advantage of the supercomputer's Propeller section that handles 3,200 controlling ports. The Big Brain was reported to have reached supercomputer status on April 5th of 2012 and was reclassified during July 2012. On August of 2012, it was competitive on the Top 500. In September 2012, the supercomputer received Level I and Level II enhancements and went SuperTronic. Since that time, numerous top world supercomputers were added to the list and bumped the Big Brain to a lower position. Plans are in the works to double the GPUs in the supercomputer, add a second junction terminal, double or quadruple memory, add resources and create either twin supercomputers or one supercomputer with a doubling of it's speed, and bumping it upwards on the 500 list.