Sunday, July 7, 2013

Propeller LED Machine

From August 26th, 2010
Updated July 7th, 2013
The LED Machine is made from one Parallax Propeller chip and wiring with banks of LEDs connected to the chip through 100 ohm resistors (color coded brown black brown) on a 3.3-volt circuit.

The 32 LEDs are on all 32 ports. All eight cores are filled, each core with up to 125 Vprocessors for testing programs. This is a new test board, designed to supplement the Demo Board. It was put together in 20 minutes, mainly from resistors and LEDs. This is the virtue of breadboards. The new board can handle every pin on the prop, and it's decoupled and clock enhanced yet can be rewired in only a few seconds. As you can see, it was decided to have the power supply external to the breadboard. The LED machine's original purpose is to test Vprocessors. Vprocessors were created with this chip in banks for testing from one up to a total of 1,000, with a method to switch banks. After the booting process, all pins on the Propeller chip are available. LED colors are staggered between red and yellow to help identify pins, processors and programs. This works in terms of current draw because not all LEDs are on at the same time. Test programs blink LEDs according to specific unique cycles.