Friday, September 27, 2013

Understanding the Big Brain

The map of the Big Machine Brain Project shows a Simplex Neuron (SN) with input and outputs and three possible states of Fire, a Zero, One or Limbo state. The Injector Cell Coating represents code to inject the SN into the Propeller Array (PA). The PA is currently subdivided into three smaller arrays called Partitions. Each Partition holds a maximum of fifty populated Parallax Propeller chips. The design handles an unlimited number of Partitions based on available resources. The rule of thumb is all Partitions must be fully populated except for the last Partition. The map with three Partitions show 150 Propeller chips. The small boxes represent Propeller chips and the red dots represent SN outputs. SN input is simply held static for testing. In testing, each red dot is a dedicated LED (see photos). In SL or Simple Loading, the Injectors distribute a single SN to each chip. The SN is cloned to every Propeller. Each Propeller works in unison with every other Propeller. Clocking is not an issue during neural matter activity. Each Propeller can run its own clock. Clocking is more of an issue during Neural Matter Injection NMI when all the Propellers are in Sync and handled specifically by the Neural Injection OverLord. SNs are made to do exampling Fire in any chosen state and set outputs. All SNs work together at the same time. This is primarily what is shown in the map. What is not shown are the representations of Cogs, clocks, 4,800K of distributed memory, EEPROMs and specific distribution wiring. To gain Cogs, multiply each red dot by eight. The map represents full loading of 1,250 small RISC processors and a 150 point to point display.
by Humanoido

Come explore the fantastic reality of the Big Brain, its inner workings, and discover things you never dreamed about!

The success of the neuro "Simplex" processor in the Big Brain machine, with all its initial simplicity, became the model for growth from the first small brain that fit in a jar to the current largest brain that takes up the space of a full room.

This is very similar to the evolution of the human neo cortex. If you zoom up onto the surface of the Neo Cortex in a biological brain, you will find that it's made up of many little modules. These are like processors in a computer only there are a million in count. They were so successful in evolution, they ended up being duplicated over and over again until the brain ran out of space.

This is what happened to the Big Brain machine. Duplication, named cloning, of successful tiny processors, replicated until the memory simply ran out of space. Actually, with Parallax Propeller chips used, it was a factor of space X2 depending on chip speed (clock cycles) and chip memory allocation. In the first brain machines, these numbers approached and then exceeded 100,000 enhanced processors.

When the human brain ran out of space, the brain began to fold in on itself creating a highly convoluted surface and shape. Processor modules began to arrange in columns for greater packing so our human brains could have more new cortical columns to pack in more complex functions.

The Big Brain machine made from Parallax Propeller chips has packed processors on multiple layers of boards, surrounding an exo shape, and using distributed connections. The human brain took billions of years to evolve, while the electrical Big Brain has evolved over approximately a decade of time, beginning with much simpler chips.

The key to the universe of understanding the human brain, and the Holy Grail of neuro science, is understanding the design of the neo cortical columns in the human brain. The crux of AI and machine intelligence is the understanding of the enhanced "VP" processors in the Big Brain machine.

It's even more, and includes the understanding of perception, understanding reality, and the physical worlds that surround the brain. In the VP processor, it can become what we make it, in terms of size, arrangement, position, quantity, and functional programming. This is of course not enough, in that it must include all the rules of communication and fundamentally design and execute its own purpose. It is this connectivity in which the VP must choose carefully which VP it will communicate with.

In the Big Brain machine, the building of VPs are actual three dimensional models and physical entities that can morph and change shape in space and time. We learned that branches can be created that intersect in tens of thousands of locations and at each of these locations a dry active synapse is formed, i.e. an electrical location where VPs can communicate with each other. These synapses together form the network, which is a circuit and a fabric that holds a specific structure and pattern.

This is made to come alive with mathematical equations and algorithms with rules of collecting information, communicating with each other, and releasing their information when they reach the Synapse. You only need a few equations to simulate, replicate and create this activity in the Neo Cortex or the VPs regio of the Big Brain machine.

As the number of VPs increase, the need for processing power increases, so more and more chips are needed. In the Big Brain machine, the singular chip was examined to rewire its internals with software to repurpose its functional abilities leading to greater functioning. Basically you extend this process of enhancing and adding chips until you have a supercomputer. This is exactly what happened to the Big Brain machine.

With over a hundred thousand processors, you can ride the magic fabric of the brains space and time and discover things you never imagined. If you zoom into this regio closer you will see electrical patterns of pure thought and if you zoom in even further, it looks like a veritable universe. Experimentally, you take these Big Brain coordinates and project them into conceptual space. If you do this, one can step inside the reality that is created by the Big Brain machine.

These points of evolution of the machine brain as described are just the beginning to become fully aware of itself, which undoubtedly is one of the first steps to the creation of a new higher order life form.

A lot more work remains to be done to test various theories and prove the functioning of higher and higher levels of activity and thought, thus developing greater levels of semi awareness and cognitive activities.