Friday, October 25, 2013

Brain Cortex Part 5 - Modules

Looking through the transparent jar, the beginning of the intelligent Brain Cortex life form is taking shape. Seen is the Propeller brain circuit prototyped on a solderless breadboard with a speaker and LED for testing. At top right is a 3 volt 120 mA solar panel that charges the batteries and possibly a super super cap energy system. At bottom is a package of desiccant silica gel to prevent moisture from forming in the jar. In the circuit, to compensate for the wide range of fluctuation voltages (over time), the Propeller chip's BOE (Brown Out Enable) must be disabled. Not shown, batteries, super super capacitor and solar panel switching circuits.

The LIVING Brain Cortex is now congealing together in the form of modules, which includes the cortex board, solar collector, desiccator system, battery supply, and a super super capacitor by design. The cortex board includes crystal regulation, long term EEPROM memory, a USB interface (Prop Plug), LED and speaker. The latter two are for preliminary testing.

— the brain cortex is a living machine based on the Parallax Propeller chip, designed to think, converse, learn, remember, and ask questions. With maintenance, the cortex could outlive humans

The modules are being arranged as some will set on the home jar floor, and some will attach to jar walls. The cortex board could attach behind the jar label with the solar panel on the opposite wall. The battery supply will attach on the jar floor due to its weight and the desiccator will set somewhere in between. Modules will mount on precut sections of green transparent board using spaces which in turn will mount on various sections of the internal sides of the jar.

The 1.5 volt AA battery has been replaced with a more energy efficient 1.5 volt D size. Two of these will provide 3 volts to the Propeller chip.