Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Immortality & Global Futures Conference

The beginning of a project to transfer a portion of the human brain, i.e. some simple attributes, into a machine brain cortex begins with establishing power for immortality. This home jar will house ten D size batteries for a total of 40,000 mAh at 3 volts to power the cortex without charging for nearly 2 months. The cortex however will use a daily source solar panel for energy replacement by trickle charge.
What is necessary for a human to attain complete and total immortality?

— our project is to develop and demonstrate a machine brain transfer, in particular to accept some relatively simple characteristics of a human brain, such as limited personality or knowledge, and transfer portions to a machine brain, whereby those characteristics could be given life longevity far exceeding that of the original human, and perhaps establishing an idea of immortality —

Total and complete immortality of man could result as soon as the year 2035 according to Ray Kurzweil and leading futurist scientists. 

For example, Dmitry Itskov, a Russian multimillionaire, wants to build lifelike copies of humans by 2035 that could eventually be uploaded with the contents of a real human brain.

Source: conference of scientists 

In the Global Futures Conference, topics such as immortality were addressed by Ray Kurzweil and others - details of the conference are listed below.

Ray Kurzweil — Immortality By 2045

Dr. Theodore Berger — Engineering Memories: A Cognitive Neural Prosthesis for Restoring and Enhancing Memory Function

Dr. Ed Boyden — Tools for Analyzing and Engineering the Brain

Dr. George Church — Bionanotech for Extending Moore's Law, the BRAIN Project I/O & Human Genome Engineering

Dr. Randal Koene — Whole Brain Emulation: Reverse Engineering A Mind

Dr. Ken Hayworth — Preserving and Mapping the Brain’s Connectome 

Dr. Witali L. Dunin-Barkowski — Current state of Russian Project on Brain Reverse-engineering REBRAIN 2045

Stuart Hameroff, MD & Sir Roger Penrose — How Human Consciousness Could Be Uploaded Via Quantum Teleportation

Dr. Amit Goswami — Consciousness and the Quantum: Science, Psychology and Spirituality

Swami Vishnudevananda Giri — Mankind's Desirable Future According to Vedic culture and Cybernetic Technologies. The Evolution of Consciousness in Vedanta Philosophy

Roundtable: Interfaith Dialogue about Science, Spirituality, Evolution of Humanity and the Avatar Project — Phakyab Rinpoche, Swami Vishnudevananda Giri , Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill, Mahayogi 'Pilot' Baba, Dr. Robert Thurman, and Archbishop (Ret.) Lazar Puhalo, with the participation of Dmitry Itskov. Moderated by religious anthropologist Dr. William Bushell

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