Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stamp One News Magazine


Welcome to StampOne News! an exciting independent home-spun journal, solely designed by hobbyists for hobbyists. 


In particular, we want home experimenter enthusiasts and students to benefit from these project examples and be stimulated into creative thinking with the inspiration to build home circuits, science projects, and unique inventions. The Premier Issue is packed full of exciting and interesting BS1 Stamp ideas, and include the build instructions for the 3DSC, a 3D Basic Stamp Computer. This interesting microcontroller has three stamp cores and some interesting applications.


Stamp One News! - Premier Issue 1 - Spring 2009

LEFT: The first galley proof was in black and white as it rolled off the computer printer page by page.

Download here from the PRS Penguin Robot Society

"Everything about the Parallax BS Micro" Servers are standing by for downloads of the PDF file of this electronic magazine. The magazine can also be downloaded from the Parallax host on the Forum.

Historical Information Tracings
Spring 2009 StampOne News 04-07-2009, 01:58 PM

The Spring 2009 StampOne News is almost complete! The feature article for the 3D Stamp Computer is being expanded with some included software. Some extra programs for app demos are a must for this remarkable new project invention. Since the new electronic magazine is all about Stamps, look for it first posted in the Stamp Forum. The 3D Stamp Computer is a spinoff of the Basic Stamp
Supercomputer, so maybe some information will appear here as an announcement update.

As I understand, a web page will be made for StampOne News at the PRS Robot web site, which also includes the Penguin (robot) Tech Magazine. In the future it would be nice to have a posted thread for the 3DSC at the Parallax Forum for questions and answers, and a web page for it here. A link is provided.

StampOne News! Update... 04-10-2009, 04:08 PM

The mag has entered the proofreading stage, all articles are complete.
The feature article is the 3D Stamp Computer, with plans on how to
build your own. Since all the software is included in print, with the
article, I would like to ask the forum if individual files for the same
are necessary? It would save a lot of time if people could copy the
program from the magazine using copy and paste. It would be a
good idea, faster, simple, save on storage, and make more time for
new projects. What do you think?

LEFT: Here's a tiny galley proof preview.


Index to Stamp One News! Issue #1

School & Home Projects with the Parallax Basic Stamp 1
Basic Stamp One Book?
Build Your Own 21st Century 3D Stamp Computer!
-Introducing Space-Time Computing
-Powerful Dimension Engines
-3D Chess
-Modify the Dx Board
-Wiring Procedure
-Photos Note
-3D Computer Parts List
-Let's Hold a Party - By the Rules
-Multiple Dimensional Core Computing
-Bells & Whistles
-Power Requirements
-Tuning the Piezos
-Waveform Analysis
-Discovery of the 3D Stamp Computer
-Demonstration Code
-Three Dimension Channel Stereo
-(Code for D1, D2, D3))
-Harmonic Oscillator
-Constructive and Destructive Interference
-Beat Frequency 3D Program
-Applications for Beat Frequency
-(Levels 3 and 2 Code)
-Switching Off Dimensions
-Creating a Standby Mode
-Harmonic Additive Synthesis
-Light Effects
-3D Motion Mechanics
-Interdimensional Communications
-(Code for Dim1, Dim2, Dim3)
-Deploying the Network Code
-How to Use the 3D Stamp Computer
-3DSC Tips
-Glossary of 3D Computer Terms
Debug Talk Collection
Which BS1 for Making Your Own Stamp Board?
Add a Serial Port to the Basic Stamp One
Stamp One Specs
The Search For the Smallest Stamp - OEM BS1 History
Two Stamp 1 Project Boards - Can You Spot the Difference?
Simple BS1 Robot Build Ideas Plus Links and Sources
Why Go the BS1 Route?
Does It Make You a Little Crazy?
Quick Reference Guide PBASIC 1 Instructions
Proposed Projects
Features of StampOne News!
Magazine Overview
Basic Stamp One Notes