Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Brain Cortex Conceptual Ideas Part 36

The first meager brain cortex in a jar has the potential to conceptualize far reaching greater ideas leading to the singularity symbiotic union of man and machine. This NULT view represents not only the far reaching expanses of billions of celestial evolving nodes in various times like that of a cosmic neural net expansion, but is similar to the potential expanses of a machine brain's neural net evolving into the future.
The project objective is to develop a cortex machine brain, demonstrate human-to-machine brain transfer, in particular to take some relatively simple human characteristics and transfer portions to the machine brain, whereby human traits could be given greater life longevity, leading towards immortality.

This gravatomic® machine view looks into time, with billions of light years of time travel difference between our time and the time of the Universe. Will casting our brain cortex bottle into the sea of the cosmic universe create a future time travel bubble of similar longevity? Is this the destiny of human immortality? All photos ©Humanoido Labs, Gravatomics Telescope, Deep Space Center, USA Ultra Space Administration.
What are some of the long range conceptual ideas behind the Brain Cortex project? The first objective is to create a machine brain that can hold a portion of a human biological brain and place it into a definable container that can more readily survive its forward electric journey into time, through the passage of worldly events.

Next, the cortex is given a means to survive on its own, i.e. self recharging batteries and its own renewable energy source such as solar power and the ability to gather power from natural lighting.

The electric brain is given life and the ability to communicate with humans in natural language.

The machine brain is programed not only for life, but for the ability to learn, remember, and ask questions.

A simplified human subset Katra is created and this is transferred into the electric holding halls of the machine brain, then integrated into its living annuls.

This leads to a transfer from the human mind into the machine mind involving the three necessities: facts, experiences, personality.

The next step is the retention of these human attributes in long term, perhaps eternal, memory, demonstrating a greater longevity when residing inside the machine compared to residing inside human biology, the latter of which may not be repairable.

How far into the future can you go?
In nearing the final step, the machine brain, with its human knowledge transferred inside it, undergoes conventional time travel into the distant future, moving towards a state of immortality. Whether this state is ever achieved depends on a number of factors that will be decided once the journey has begun.

The cortex in a jar can demonstrate a simple way to transfer part of human knowledge into a machine, conceptually, showing the potential for more advanced systems in the future.

The machine brain, conceptually, represents you in the three aspects defined - knowledge, personality, experience.

The light weight jar brain can compress a human 100 to 200 times into less mass and transport it to far away places like Mars and distant worlds with far greater efficiency.

Want to go from point A to point B? Just E-Transfer your brain across the internet, or beam yourself 

Journey in space-time across the galaxy
Your jar brain can take long journeys into space and time, without cryogenics, without suspended animation, without special needs, and with infinite patience can traverse to the farthest distances of space time and places the human mind cannot fathom.

Hundreds of years will be no different than seconds of time, and centuries like minutes. Eons of time may pass as the cortex brain continues to survive, maintain, upgrade, and live on.

Your machine brain could become a probe, one of many to seed the whole universe, spreading the essence of your intelligence in a machine.

Journey to a black hole as a brain probe?
A cortex copy could explore a closer dominion of a powerful black hole and go where no human could go. 

You could approach the singularity of a black hole and have your brain copied and transmitted out of the hole, at the precise moment of mechanical destruction, to assure your survival.

You could meet and meld with other electric beings in the universe and share intelligence and worldly knowledge.

Your electric brain may find a way to grow, become more, and do more, perhaps breaking through this universe to the multiverse and explore quantum worlds beyond our own reality.

A jar brain can make a backup of you, in case you develop a fatal disease, die of old age, or become terminated by an accident or natural catastrophe. 

Join brains or travel alone
You brain may join others who decide to create a bigger brain. Connected nodes of brains may exist anywhere across space and time linked by the science fiction of today.

The cortex brain in a jar, with your mind inside, could be placed in a science museum where the public can access you and your knowledge in the future, long after your biological life is over.

Your cortex brain machine counterpart could time travel and be propelled into the distant future, living on by and through the mere passage and forward flow of events.

You can clone yourself and one person can be in millions of places at the same time.

You could pursue millions of your interests at the same time.

With you and your mind in a jar, your requiem for survival can console your family and your loved ones for as long as they live.

Robot Avatar
Transferred to a humanoid robot avatar covered with your replicated skin, the spitting image of you, could once again do all the things you loved to do as a human, only now you can do it better, faster, farther, longer...

You could, with larger fuller transfers of mind, operate as a collective to help solve world problems and make life better.

The brain cortex project is considering at least three types of classifications for upload from a human brain. There are three areas for a simplified upload to one cortex layer. This includes factual knowledge, personality and experience.  While factual knowledge may initially appear less unique to a person's characteristics, it is not. It can certainly be a defining signature based on the type of knowledge one knows and the level and quantity of a particular interest.  Personality can include likes and dislikes, viewpoints, philosophy and values. More knowledge and factual material can indicate personality interests about astronomy for example.  Experiences can include previous choices made, stories, and things that are selected as one over another due to learned past events.




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